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Professional Level courses

APPI Paratrike Tandem Pilot

The APPI ParaTrike Tandem Pilot rating allows the pilot to carry out Tandem ParaTrike flights. During their training candidates review APPI Standards, procedures and general related issues. Candidates also review their practical flying ability, general procedures, methods and flying knowledge. (...)

APPI PT Assistant Instructor

The APPI ParaTrike Assistant Instructor rating is the first step to becoming an APPI ParaTrike Professional Instructor. APPI ParaTrike Assistant Instructors provide ParaTrike students with quality knowledge and skill development during APPI programs and courses, while under the supervision of a (...)

APPI PT Instructor

An APPI ParaTrike Instructor is a role model who has a high level of experience and knowledge of ParaTrike skills, theory and instruction. APPI ParaTrike Instructors may set up their own APPI ParaTrike school and conduct APPI ParaTrike Open Sky courses, APPI ParaTrike Adventure courses and APPI (...)

APPI PT Master Instructor

An APPI ParaTrike Master Instructor is a highly experienced and knowledgeable instructor, with exemplary ParaTrike skills, theory and instruction. APPI ParaTrike Master Instructors may run APPI ParaTrike Instructor courses and qualify APPI ParaTrike Assistant Instructors and APPI ParaTrike (...)