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Beware:Only schools whose manager has paid his annual membership fee, are shown below.
n°   Title Country   Services   Manager City Website
1APPI International CH- Switzerland      (10174) Carouge www.appifly.or (...)
7SkySchool UK GB- United Kingdom      (10133) Babury www.skyschoolu (...)
36Olympic Wings GR- Greece      (10724) Pieria paragliding.ol (...)
39Istanbul Paramotor & Paragliding TR- Turkey      (10756) FETHİYE / MUĞLA www.istanbulpa (...)
131Parapente Tropical Flight Centre ES- Spain      (12020) Almuñecar - Granada www.parapentet (...)
153Sky masters sports club QA- Qatar      (12720) Doha www.flyqat.com (...)
173CAJU BRASIL BR- Brazil      (12999) Toledo www.cajubr.com (...)
180Allfly Escola de Paramotor e Paratrike BR- Brazil      (13594) Cachoeirinha/RS www.allfly.com (...)
203Slow flyers - Ozone Power Italy SM- San Marino      (14698) San Marino www.ozonepower (...)
214ABSOLUTE FLY MA- Morocco      (15033) MIRLEFT www.volopuro.i (...)
215Neverland IT- Italy      (14969) San Paolo di Jesi - An www.paramotora (...)
216GooDeNeRGy* Ateliê Aeronáutico BR- Brazil      (14577) Belo Horizonte www.goodenergy (...)
218Cumulus paragliding GR- Greece      (15227) Thessaloniki
230SkySchool UAE AE- United Arab Emirates      (10133) Ras al Khaimah
238PILOTAGE-PARAMOTEUR.FR FR- France      (16041) RUELLE SUR TOUVRE www.pilotagepa (...)
241No Borders Paragliding GR- Greece      (15230) Agrinion www.noborders. (...)
247Sky school Saudi Arabia SA- Saudi Arabia      (14690) Riyadh www.fla.sa
249PPG SCOOL Power Fly CRETE GR- Greece      (15570) Chania www.paraglidin (...)
256Paraprofs NL- Netherland      (17310) Hoevelaken www.poweredpar (...)
257Paramotor & Paraglider Barcelona School ES- Spain      (17350) Barcelona paramotorbarce (...)
263Sky masters sports club QA- Qatar      (17542) Doha www.flyqat.com (...)
268Paramotor Asia TH- Thailand      (17801) sriracha, chonburi www.paramotort (...)
2844Rotas Adventure Escola de Voo BR- Brazil      (15580) Curitiba www.facebook.c (...)
285Fly2clouds paramotor school SI- Slovenia      (11448) Postojna, Cerknica fly2couds.com
286National Adventure Foundation, NAF Chapter Shirdi IN- India      (18924) Deolali Pravara nafshirdi.com
Total of 25 Schools

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The level of a flight center or school means how many instructors work there.
One star for a flight center (managed by a tandem pilot), two stars for a school with one instructor, three stars for two, four stars for three.
Five stars for a school with a master instructor (certified by APPI) plus an instructor.