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APPI Rules & Local Laws

Important Information to uphold APPI PT procedures:

  • APPI ParaTrike certification awarded to a pilot is internal to the APPI ParaTrike system and shows no particular right in the country where the activity is done, unless APPI ParaTrike is recognized by the legal authority managing ParaTrike flight in that country. Check with the local federation if such an agreement exists.
  • Your activity (solo, tandem, instruction) must comply with the laws of the country in which it is performed. APPI ParaTrike strongly recommends its members to be insured to fly, and in case of an accident, APPI ParaTrike accepts no liability.
  • As an APPI Member, one should be familiar with paragliding related legislation and protocols specific to one’s region.
  • Important: All EU based APPI ParaTrike Schools and Tandem pilots must hold Third Party Liability Insurance. For further information contact: secretary-pt@appifly.org
  • Exhibit common honesty in one’s APPI-related activities.
  • Do not use drugs or alcohol before or during paramotor activities which jeopardizes safety.
  • It is obligatory to use helmets certified for airsports EN 966.
  • It is obligatory to complete the requirements on each pilots level. Click here for more information.

Information for Associations, Federations and Clubs:

  • APPI ParaTrike is an International organization set up to promote, help, and develop the education system for Paratriking.
  • APPI ParaTrike exists to support the work of instructors and connect pilots and schools all around the world.
  • APPI ParaTrike Instructors are the connection for any APPI ParaTrike pilot travelling to fly under the local rules and regulations.
  • APPI ParaTrike Instructors use APPI ParaTrike to register students and validate different levels and specialties to the APPI ParaTrike international standard.
  • APPI ParaTrike is not involved in competitions. To join competitions, or represent one’s country, it is the role of the National FAI organization.
  • APPI ParaTrike travelling pilots are requested to liaise with a local APPI instructor who can help them understand and follow the local rules.

Registration of members

  • APPI Masters and Instructors might register new members and Instructors by approval in the respective courses or by equivalence.
  • APPI Masters and Instructors are not permitted to claim the APPI membership charge is higher than the fixed fee charged by APPI (plus any bank charges). If, however, APPI Masters spend time initiating the new member into the APPI System (e.g. how to register students online & how to use APPI Manuals and evaluation forms), this time can be charged for at a rate decided upon by the APPI Master.
  • The fees of the course is belong to the school
  • The fees for APPI registration and level validation is free, but if the school is paying the member fee for the pilot, the extra charges cannot exceed 20 Euros.
  • The annual membership fee to the association cannot be subject to refund.
  • Validate student qualifications according to APPI standards and respecting APPI procedures (theoretical and practical exams).

*Not respecting the registration of a member is considered a violation of APPI rules and regulation.

The personal credit acquired by the instructors can only be used for a personal payment or for financial assistance in the context of a paragliding project. As part of this project, send your request to the secretariat, attaching a detailed description of your project. The APPI board reserves the right to accept or refuse this payment, depending on the value of the project. This credit cannot be used to pay the contributions of your students.

Registration of school

  • The APPI registered schools have to display the APPI logo including a link to APPI website on the main page of the school website.
  • Do not use the term "APPI school" in the school name as registered on the website (can lead to confusion about the role of the school in the APPI system). Instead use the real name of your school.


  • One can submit any complaint in relation with any APPI member, APPI school or even APPI.
  • APPI Members must report in writing all violations of APPI Standards that they witness personally, do not report rumors or supposition. Be specific and provide as much detail as possible. Keep in mind that APPI monitors enforces APPI Training Standards and has no jurisdiction beyond the context of APPI - related activities.
  • The information provided is confidential. However, some aspects may be waived to allow for a more thorough inquiry. It is possible that the complainant’s name may be released at APPI’s sole discretion in the course of due process.
  • After three complaints, the account of member concerned is automatically and temporarily suspended, pending the outcome of the investigation.
  • If an APPI pilot do not meet the requirements of his certification, a complaint must be done to APPI website, and following procedures to the instructor bounded with the pilot’s license number.

Using chat or forum messages

  • It is prohibited to broadcast injurious, racist, pornographic, libelous or pedophile content

Close APPI account

  • To close your APPI account, please send the request to APPI secretary.
    Only the owner of the account can ask to be deleted.
    The request has to be accompanied by an explanation.
  • On request from instructor, a member can be deleted after confirmation of the member, or complaint and inquiry by an APPI administrator.

Canceled status

  • APPI Members who, as a result of a Quality Assurance decision (or other reason), are required to complete retraining to maintain their APPI membership, yet fail to complete that training may have their APPI membership cancelled. This means that they are no longer APPI Members and cannot present themselves as APPI Members, teach APPI courses or certify APPI Pilots, or receive membership benefits.

Black listed status

  • Black listed Status means that an APPI Membership has been invalidated. APPI Members may be Black listed, as a result of a Quality Assurance decision, when their conduct is deemed detrimental to the organization. A member who is Black listed cannot represent himself as an APPI Member, teach APPI courses or certify APPI pilots, and does not receive any membership benefits. The name of a Black Listed member is published on the APPI website.
  • Examples of actions that may result in Black listed include, but are not limited to:
    • Gross violations of APPI Standards that may jeopardize the safety of students in training.
    • Non-issuance of pilots certifications when all requirements for certification have been satisfactorily completed.
    • Transmission of information intentionally false or altered to APPI.
    • Financial irresponsibility in transacting business with APPI.
    • Unethical business or instructional activity.
    • Willfully and repeatedly violating APPI Standards and/or compromising the safety of students in training.
    • Wrongfully discrediting the APPI organization, officers, staff, and members.
    • Attempting to deliberately damage the APPI organization and APPI Members’ abilities to provide instructional programs or conduct business.
  • Not have, either during or prior to one’s professional membership with APPI, any criminal conviction involving abuse of a minor or an adult. The existence of any such criminal conviction on one’s part will be automatic grounds for denial or termination of APPI professional Membership. This Ethical Standard neither diminishes nor alters the effects or use of any other Ethical Standard by APPI Offices within Quality Management or membership review processes.

Privacy Policy

APPI is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website members. This policy sets out how we will treat your personal information. This policy governs, and is applicable to, your use of this website. The data collected will only be used for the purpose of user account administration within the association and will not be disclosed to any third party, except within the terms of the Act of Switzerland. Nevertheless, for those who have APPI insurance, the identification data of the insured are communicated to our insurance company.

For the sake of transparency, we apply the European Data Protection Regulation to all our members, regardless of their country. The Privacy Policy covers how we collect, use, share and store your personal information.

Important: in accordance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all instructors must obtain the agreement of the person concerned to register him/her in APPI, and if he/she is under 16, obtain the consent of his legal guardian.

This new regulation gives you the following rights :
- Strengthen consent management and optimize transparency : you are clearly informed of the use of your data.
- Facilitate and improve access to personal data and integrate the management of data portability : any member will be able to recover all of his data. The APPI license certificate that you can print yourself on your account page already contains most of this information.
- Facilitate the right to be forgotten and renounced : this should allow the member to easily obtain the erasure of his personal data by a simple request to the secretariat.
- Obligation to inform data subjects when stealing data : this is not common, yet data theft exists. At APPI, we use strong encryption of your password, and in case of loss, the only solution is to renew your password. Thanks to our team of webmasters, we have never been hacked, and we hope it will continue.
- Protect minors (- 16 years old) : consent must be given by the legal guardian.
- Protect data by default, from the design stage - Privacy by Design : the company will have to protect the collected data, by default, from the conception of its product or its offer. This has already been done by our team originally from the design of the computered web system (we were already ahead compared to many big companies).

For any queries, concerns or complaints in relation to our handling of your Personal Information or our Privacy Policy, please contact the secretary at secretary-pt@appifly.org.