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Important APPI ParaTrike Instructor Information

Only qualified APPI ParaTrike Instructors can register students to the APPI ParaTrike system. They can only do this once they have registered their school with APPI ParaTrike and this is only possible when they have paid the €25 Membership Fee. To pay the Membership Fee you need to log into your account, upload a profile photo, confirm your details are correct and then scroll down below the photo where it says ’Waiting for your Personal Payment’.

APPI ParaTrike Instructor Rules

APPI ParaTrike Instructors should register all of their students to the APPI ParaTrike system. APPI ParaTrike Instructors MUST qualify a minimum of 10 APPI ParaTrike Pilots a year to maintain their currency as an APPI ParaTrike Instructor. Failure to do this will result in their qualification automatically changing to an APPI ParaTrike Assistant Instructor.

How to register/modify a member

Learn how to register a new member, add or validate qualifications to a registered APPI member.

How to add APPI staff to my school

Learn how to add or remove an instructor or assistant working in my school.