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Pilot Level Specialties

Short explanation about Pilot Level Specialties

First Aid Rescue

Available only by equivalence from Red Cross Society or other equivalent organization.

APPI PPG Conversion

Become an APPI Trike pilot, 6 days course from APPI PPG pilot.

Paragliding conversion

Become a paraglider pilot, 10 days course from APPI PPG/APPI PT pilot.

PT Performance Pilot 6 Day Course

An APPI ParaTrike Performance Pilot is an independent pilot who has developed their skills beyond a basic level and has the experience of flying and analyzing all different weather conditions and flying sites. An APPI ParaTrike Performance Pilot course last 6 days and the qualification allows (...)

Rescue Packer

Rescue Packing Provider are Advanced Pilots or Instructors with higher rating, who have completed the Specialty Rescue Packing Course and are able to recognize, control, pack and install all different models of rescue and in any paragliding harness, following APPI Security International Rules. (...)