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APPI PT Instructor

An APPI ParaTrike Instructor is a role model who has a high level of experience and knowledge of ParaTrike skills, theory and instruction. APPI ParaTrike Instructors may set up their own APPI ParaTrike school and conduct APPI ParaTrike Open Sky courses, APPI ParaTrike Adventure courses and APPI ParaTrike Pilot Courses. APPI ParaTrike Instructors may also become specialty instructors.

An APPI ParaTrike Instructor can become an APPI ParaTrike Tandem Instructor, an APPI ParaTrike Performance Instructor, an APPI ParaTrike Advanced Instructor, an APPI ParaTrike Fly Guide and an APPI ParaTrike Sky Guide.

Prerequisites/ Course contents/ Obligation

  1. Be certified as an APPI ParaTrike Assistant Instructor for at least one year or with another ParaTrike training organization.
  2. Be at least 20 years old and in a good medical condition.
  3. Present a logbook with at least 300 flights and 150 hours of solo ParaTrike flight.
  4. Agree to sit an APPI ParaTrike Instructor course run by an APPI ParaTrike Master Instructor.
  5. Submit evidence of a valid first aid certificate.
  6. Respect the APPI Safety Rules and Quality Standards.

Requirements for APPI PG/PPG Instructors converting to become APPI ParaTrike Instructors

  1. Must be a current and experienced Paragliding/Paramotoring Instructor.
  2. Must have logged 100 flights and 50 hours on a ParaTrike.
  3. Must have held an APPI ParaTrike License or similar for 6 months.
  4. Must have held PG/PPG Instructor rating for 24 months.
  5. Must have licensed at least 10 PG/PPG students since becoming a PG/PPG Instructor.
  6. Must agree to sit an APPI ParaTrike Instructor course run by an APPI ParaTrike Master Instructor.
  7. Must hold a valid First Aid Certificate.

Training and Certification

To apply for certification, the certifying APPI ParaTrike Master Instructor must submit online a validated Instructor Application to the APPI website, along with the required photo and application fee. Upon approval of the application, APPI will issue an APPI ParaTrike Instructor Card.


APPI ParaTrike Instructors who are in Active status are authorized to:

  1. Plan, organise and supervise all flying and training activities in an APPI ParaTrike school.
  2. Run APPI ParaTrike Open Sky Taster Courses, APPI ParaTrike Adventure Pilots course and APPI ParaTrike Pilot courses. Set up there own APPI ParaTrike school.
  3. Assist APPI ParaTrike Master Instructors during instructor courses and evaluations for any APPI ParaTrike certification.
  4. Become an APPI ParaTrike Specialty instructor having sat and passed the necessary course.


To renew annually, an APPI ParaTrike Instructor submits online a Membership Agreement with payment of membership dues. Instructors who have let their memberships lapse will need to fulfill additional requirements designated by the APPI Training and Quality Management Department before regaining Teaching status.


APPI ParaTrike Instructors can become an APPI ParaTrike Tandem Instructor, APPI ParaTrike Performance Instructor, APPI ParaTrike Advanced Instructor, APPI ParaTrike Fly Guide and an APPI ParaTrike Sky Guide.

For further information or to organise an APPI ParaTrike Instructor Course email: secretary-pt@appifly.org

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Pro Tandem Pilots/Instructors having the certification APPI Paratrike Instructor
Firstname Lastname Country Certification Website School
17104 Leandro Ramos AR-Argentina Www.queresvolar.com Queres Volar (251)
11441 Mohammed Yaseen Fathi BR-Brazil www.skysport-iq.com skysport-ıq (144)
12999 Ricardo Maciel BR-Brazil www.cajubr.com CAJU BRASIL (173)
13594 Anderson Bech BR-Brazil www.allfly.com.br Allfly Escola de Paramotor e Paratrike (180)
13595 Luiz Carlos Lupatini BR-Brazil www.skycompany.net.br
13597 Sergio Kawakami BR-Brazil http://airboysteam.com
13598 Luiz Carlos Laghi Filho BR-Brazil www.prodelta.com.br
14095 Junio Cesar da Silva Rodrigues BR-Brazil www.ciadovento.com.br Cia do Vento Parapente Paramotor e Paratrike (183)
14577 Carlos Gomes BR-Brazil www.goodenergy.com.br Base Da Nuvem-escola de voo (216)
14588 Angelo Carvalho BR-Brazil www.escolaaltofly.com.br
14620 Fernandes Martins de Vasconcelos BR-Brazil www.facebook.com/fernandesfalcon
16025 Paulo Canterle BR-Brazil www.asasaovento.com
10174 APPI Equivalence CH-Switzerland www.appifly.org APPI International (1)
12020 Antonio Castro ES-Spain www.parapentetropical.com Parapente Tropical Flight Centre (131)
16041 pascal Vallée FR-France www.pilotageparamoteur.fr PILOTAGE-PARAMOTEUR.FR (238)
10133 Alex Ledger GB-United Kingdom www.skyschooluk.com SkySchool Flight Centre (7)
10176 Kester Haynes GB-United Kingdom www.skyschooluk.com SkySchool Flight Centre (7)
13013 Mohammad Burhamah GB-United Kingdom Kuwait Air Sports Center (199)
15227 Savvas Kakoulidis GR-Greece Cumulus paragliding (218)
15230 Joachim Skondras GR-Greece www.noborders.gr No Borders Paragliding (241)
15231 Stergios Karapoulios GR-Greece No Borders Paragliding (241)
15570 George Kissanakis GR-Greece www.paragliding-crete.gr PPG SCOOL Power Fly CRETE (249)
16538 Thanasis Smiris GR-Greece www.flyparapente.gr
14698 Raffaele Benetti IT-Italy www.ozonepoweritalia.com SkySchool Flight Centre (7)
14969 Stefano Bolognini IT-Italy Neverland (215)
15033 Fabrizio Bedana IT-Italy WWW.VOLOPURO.IT ABSOLUTE FLY (214)
12964 Talal Alfoderye KW-Kuwait www.q8xtremehobby.com Kuwait Air Sports Center (199)
12965 Fahad Burhamah KW-Kuwait www.298kat.com Kuwait Air Sports Center (199)
12966 Fahad Al-Yaqoub KW-Kuwait Kuwait Airsports Centre (157)
12968 Ibrahim Alrushoud KW-Kuwait 298kat.com Kuwait Air Sports Center (199)
17309 Eric Wierenga NL-Netherland www.paramoteur.nl Paraprofs (256)
17310 Robbin Van Herwaarden NL-Netherland Poweredparagliding.nl Paraprofs (256)
14009 Fernando Simoes PT-Portugal
14010 Miguel Simoes PT-Portugal www.power2fly.com
14690 Mohammad Al-Homoud SA-Saudi Arabia www.fla.sa Sky school Saudi Arabia (247)
16765 Yousef Abdullah Al Mogiteb SA-Saudi Arabia
16766 Ghasham Alghsham SA-Saudi Arabia
16769 Albosaily Abdullah Suliman SA-Saudi Arabia
16780 Haykal Alrwaili SA-Saudi Arabia
16781 Rsheed Alharbi SA-Saudi Arabia
16783 Abdulkarim Alfriedee SA-Saudi Arabia
11448 Igor Drozina SI-Slovenia
10756 Erdogan SANSLI TR-Turkey www.istanbulparamotor.com Istanbul Paramotor & Paragliding (39)
12178 Zebur Mercan TR-Turkey SkySchool Flight Centre (7)