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Joining APPI PT

New Pilots will be registered by their APPI PT Instructor when they book a course. Existing PT Pilots from certain National Organisations can join APPI PT by equivalence. Once qualified APPI ParaTrike members need to activate their membership online every year.
Existing ParaTrike schools and (...)


Students Pilots who book a ParaTrike course with an APPI ParaTrike school will be registered with APPI ParaTrike by the school. Upon completion of the course they will be issued with the relevant qualification. Students who attain the APPI ParaTrike Pilot qualification can then apply for their (...)

APPI Rules & Local Laws

Important Information to uphold APPI PT procedures:
APPI ParaTrike certification awarded to a pilot is internal to the APPI ParaTrike system and shows no particular right in the country where the activity is done, unless APPI ParaTrike is recognized by the legal authority managing ParaTrike (...)

Membership Fee

APPI Welcomes all pilots and professional pilots as a bonus of becoming a member.
Registration is free. And will always be free. Once you complete the payment your Membership will be activated and your APPI ParaTrike Card will be sent to your address.
The Payment activates your affiliation (...)

APPI Certification Cards

Your APPI Paratrike Certification Card is proof that you’ve successfully completed your APPI training.
Your APPI Certification Card has now a validity of one year, because the card contains the FAI-IPPI logo for some countries, and the validity of the IPPI card is only one year, also because (...)